KNOCK ON THE DOOR Inc. has established the following Information Security Policy to protect our information resources and the information resources which we collect from customers.

1. All directors and employees will work together to establish information security management systems.

2. KNOCK ON THE DOOR Inc. will formulate and implement necessary information security measures, including human, physical, and technical measures, to prevent incidents such as information leakage, illegal access, destruction, and falsification.

3. In the unlikely event of information leakage or other security incidents, KNOCK ON THE DOOR Inc. will promptly implement corrective actions and report the situation to the relevant stakeholders.

4. KNOCK ON THE DOOR Inc. will continuously promote staff trainings and awareness activities to raise awareness of information security in all employees.

5. KNOCK ON THE DOOR Inc. will continuously update and improve the information security measures by establishing an internal audit system.

6. KNOCK ON THE DOOR Inc. always recognize the importance of information security and comply with the laws, regulations, guidelines, articles of association, employment regulations, and contracts related to information security entered into with external related parties.

Declaration date: March 24, 2021

Hiroomi Hayashi, Representative Director